Shubhasheesh Computer Academy

Shubhasheesh Computer Academy, a High-Tech computer lab for disabled children, has been established at Shubhasheesh Shiksha Evam Vikas Seva Sansthan, RaeBareli . The project is designed for inculcating computer literacy, enhancing educational skills and providing job oriented training to the mentally challenged, deaf, hearing Impaired, visually impaired, spastic, physically challenged children to enlarge their capabilities for employment. Shubhasheesh Computer Academy is equipped with computers, server, UPS for power backup, software and assistive tools, specially designed for disabled student along with internet connectivity.


Clevy KeyBoard : This keyboard is specially made for children with low vision or the children who have color recognition problem. It has playful and functional use of colours.

Pointing Device : This device is used by children who have problem in their fingers. Using pointing device they can move cursor and can work easily.

Foot Pedal Mouse : This mouse is used by children who are unable to work on mouse with their hands. They can use Foot Pedal Mouse with their foot to move cursor on the screen.

Special Keyboard : This is a kind of Keyboard which has computer functions defined on it. For example you can use them for opening files/folder on the screen without using mouse.

Sip & Puff Device: Sip-and-Puff or Sip 'n' Puff (SNP):- It is primarily used by people who cannot use their hands. The mouth-controlled input provides users a simple and effective way to control mouse movement. Mouse button clicking is accomplished with the help of sips or puffs function of the joystick. A sip-and-puff input device combined with scanning software means many keyboard-accessible programs can be used with this device.


QualiEye : QualiEYE cursor control software is an assistive technology breakthrough for people with disabilities who require a hands free mouse alternative. QualiEYE is very easy to use. Just sit in front of the computer and move the cursor with body movements and give commands with gestures. QualiEYE converts head or finger movements into on-screen cursor movements. QualiEYE provides a very precise hands free cursor control and does not require the user to attach any sticker or other devices to the body. QualiEYE also manages all the mouse functions and much more.

Qualiclick: It automatically performs all mouse button functions through software. Instead of clicking the mouse buttons, simply dwell over the item you want to select. After a pre-set amount of time, QualiCLICK will perform the selected click for you. Most of MS Windows Applications require several functions with the mouse like Single Click, Double Click, Drag & Drop. For some users with a physical disability these tasks requires great effort and this is why QualiCLICK is used

Azabat Typing Tutor 2: This software helps beginners in learning typing starting from scratch, with little or no experience of using a keyboard. It consists of 7 lessons (letter drills) and 7 exercises (word drills). Each lesson has a corresponding exercise in which they practice by typing words based on the letters they have learned so far.

Easy Tutor 8 : EasyTutor has been specifically designed for computer users who are Dyslexic, have other learning difficulties or just need that extra little help when reading and writing on their computer. By harnessing the power of the inbuilt speech output facility, computer users can write, read, view and check text alongside a human sounding voice.

QualiKEY : QualiKEY is a on-screen Keyboard which allows users with mobility impairments to type data directly into any Windows Applications. Instead of pushing keys on a real keyboard, simply point and click on QualiKEY on your computer screen. With QualiKEY you can directly control any Windows application, run and close applications, manage the tasks, shut down the computer and much more.

Dyslexia Software: This is a kind of game software through which children are trained to work on computer.

Super Nova: SuperNova is a full screen reader offering magnification, speech and Braille support, giving people with visual impairment the freedom to access Windows in the way that suits them best. SuperNova has been developed for all visually impaired users, from low vision to blind. SuperNova includes a full screen reader, specifically engineered to provide access to everyone irrespective of whether you are totally blind or partially sighted. SuperNova boasts a fully featured screen magnifier complete with a flexible color changer and a host of magnification styles and modes designed to make working easier on the eye.

Touch Screen Software: Using Touch Screen Software children can work on computer without using keyboard and mouse. They can perform functions by touching on screen.

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