Devoted to the Noble Cause

Shri Dinesh Kumar Srivastava

Mr.D.K.Srivastava, President of Shubhasheesh Sansthan is an active member of the Shubhasheesh family. He is an LLM (Master of Laws) from Lucknow University.

Inspired by the thoughts of his brother Mr.S.K Srivastava who had his own two sons mentally challenged, he opened the Shubhasheesh Sansthan with Shubhasheesh Vidya Mandir running under it.

It was financially supported by the Prasad Enterprises (Candle Making Industry) initially. He later started Day Care Centre under the name Shubhasheesh Asha jyoti for mentally challenged children. He loves to play with the children at Shubhasheesh Sansthan. He has attended several seminars and keeps conducting workshops and seminars with eminent society people. He is honest and quite devoted to Shubhasheesh Sansthan.

Dr. Kshama Srivastava

Dr. Kshama Srivastava Executive Director Shubhasheesh Shiksha Evam Vikas Seva Sansthan RaeBareli is an eminent personality on the devoted people's list. She is a person with vision and dedication for the cause of development of mentally challenged children. Born on 12th March,1961,Dr.Kshama Srivastava had never thought that she would be nurturing not one, not two but innumerable children in her life. Post graduated from the Allahabad University in 1980,she opted the course for Doctorate of Philosophy from Allahabad University in 1989. She has done the Bridge course from the Rehabilitation Council of India.Her qualifications list is endless. She has even done the Master Trainer course from NIMH which makes her distinguished from the rest.

Her selfless service to the mankind made her work as devoted social worker in the field of Mental Retardation.This brought her closer to the afflicted children and motivated her to spend the rest of her life for giving love and care to the children who have been left by their family due to their disability. Dr.Kshama Srivastava has been a mother for numerous children here at Shubhasheesh Sansthan. She is a focused woman. She spends her leisure time with children at Shubhasheesh Sansthan. She is a people's person and so is loved by the children as well as the staff at Shubhasheesh Sansthan.

She has received Certificate of Appreciation in Hindustan Times Woman 2012 Award from honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

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