1. To make arrangements for imparting suitable education to maximum no. of mentally challenged boys/girls in RaeBareli district, opening of special schools at Tehsil and block level in RaeBareli district.
  2. To enable and empower persons with disability to live as independently and fully as possible within and as close to community to which they belong.
  3. To make available required professional advice, help and guidance to families which have mentally challenged children.
  4. To facilitate the realization of equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of persons with disabilities.
  5. To bring awareness in the society that mentally challenged people are not abused, neglected or discriminated.
  6. To encourage measures to ensure that arrangements are made ensure proper care and custody of mentally challenged after the death of their parents.
  7. To encourage parents of mentally challenged to understand the importance of appointments of legal guardian and trustees.

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