Patron's Message

Former Chairman Zila Bijli Adalat
Member Local Level Committee
National Trust(Govt. Of India)
(For the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation And Multiple disablities)

C-3, Indira Nagar Raebareli, 229001
Phone:0535 2203403 Mob: +919451077530

" It gives me immense pleasure to know that SHUBHASHEESH SANSTHAN Raebareli, who are engaged in noble cause of helping,the mentally retarded,to discover their abilities and acquire suitable skills to shape their life for better future,have launched their website. I wish them all success.

Recently I came across a news item, highlighting the extreme frustration of parents of mentally challenged children,driven by poverty,unable to bear the pain of having mentally challenged son affected with multiple disabilities, a couple in Tamilnadu( India) in shear desperation has petitioned the Govt. for MERCY KILLING of their son Naveen Kumar and offered his organs for transplantation to needy persons. It should be an eye open and ought to shake us out of any complacence on the subject.

I as a father of two grown up mentally retarded sons can visualise the miseries of the unfortunate and helpless couple.parents of mentally retarded children even in the best of the circumstances are not able to give the blessings of long life to their unfortunate offspring

We should all realise that there is much more in the world than living involved with our own little problems. There are people around us who have nothing in their life , also foresee nothing. They need our help here and now. I am reminded of the lyrics:

If there is a pain you can ease or some one you can help,
Do it it it now
Hold their hands and include them in your life,
Do not scorn them,
Let us help them to lead life of dignity"

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